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March 2012 Archives

Mother sues nurse, hospital after 3-month-old's is finger cut off

Last October, a young mother grew concerned about her baby's medical condition. The 3-month-old child was suffering with a fever. The mother sought medical attention at her nearby hospital, and the baby spent two days being treated for the fever. When the time for discharge from the hospital approached, the young mother was out through a horrific experience, according to a recent negligence lawsuit.

Study: Surgeons suffer from alcohol abuse at higher rate than others

Many Tucson area residents are familiar with the old phrase, "the steady hand of the surgeon." When we visit the doctor, we expect not only competent care, but we hope that the doctor is at least sober. Researchers at the University of Washington recently released a study that analyzed more than 7,200 surgeons, and the findings are, well-sobering.

New effort to reduce wrong site surgery medical errors

The nonprofit organization that accredits U.S. health care organizations, known as The Joint Commission, has announced that a new tool exists for medical professionals to reduce the risk of surgical errors. The "Targeted Solutions Tool" is intended to reduce the number of medical mistakes that lead to wrong site surgeries.

Medical malpractice award in birth injury medication error lawsuit moves forward

The family of a 14-year-old boy who won a medical malpractice lawsuit before a jury in 2007 is now a step closer to having the funds to pay for the young man's medical care. The young man was born in 1997 and a medication error during his mother's labor is blamed for his birth injury. The family had claimed in its medical malpractice lawsuit that medical professionals were negligent in giving the mother an overdose of medication while seeking to stimulate the mother's labor.

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