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Good care is vital for a traumatic brain injury

Suffering from a severe brain injury is a life-changing experience. The lasting effects of the injury can make doing simple tasks more difficult. In some cases, brain injuries can lead to death. Making sure that medical staff provide appropriate care is vital to the ultimate outcome of the injury. For one 18-year-old girl, medical care might very well be why she is thriving after a traumatic brain injury.

Arizona children could recover quicker from concussions

Arizona families should take notice of a recent study conducted at Boston Children's hospital that sheds new light on the best activities for a child to engage in when recovering from a concussion. According to the study, children recovering from a brain injury such as a concussion are likely to recover faster if tasks requiring significant cognitive activity are limited. Kids and adolescents had longer recovery times when the activities required more cognitive ability such as playing video games, reading or doing homework.

The effects of traumatic brain injuries on personality

Arizona residents may be interested in an article looking at the issue of traumatic brain injuries and their effect on personality. Whether through an auto accident, sports or military injury, the effects of a traumatic brain injury can result in serious changes to a person's personality, according to the Brain Injury Association of America's national medical director.

New app may help to identify brain injuries faster

After returning home to Arizona from being overseas, many military troops discover that they have a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Although 280,000 troops have reported a brain injury, many people believe that number is artificially low. According to military doctors, veterans will often suffer from a mild TBI that isn't noticed until they get back around their families.

New research to establish traumatic brain injury treatments

Arizona parents should know that nearly 500,000 American children under the age of 14 are taken to the emergency room each year for a traumatic brain injury. The National Institutes of Health is launching a $16.5 million research study to search for possible treatments for TBI in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these types of brain injuries are a leading cause of death and disability among children.

Treating brain injuries with progesterone

Nearly two million people in Arizona and around the world suffer from a traumatic brain injury annually, often resulting in disability and loss of life. Medical personnel are looking into a hormone that can help victims of traumatic brain injury.

Legislation takes aim at high-school sports related concussions

According to research conducted by A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona, approximately 7,000 high school athletes suffer concussions annually. While most attention is focused on brain injuries from football, any high-school sport puts players at risk.

Arizona first responders play key role in brain injury study

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating to those who suffer from them as well as to family members of the victim. Whether a brain injury is the result of a car accident, blunt trauma to the head or medical malpractice, it can still mean a lifetime of rehabilitation and therapy.

Arizona works to improve care for patients with brain injuries

The brain controls almost everything that happens in the body, including important life functions like breathing. Even minor brain trauma in the right place can lead to serious health problems and permanent disabilities. The state of Arizona recognizes how important it is for someone who suffers a traumatic brain injury to receive proper care and has implemented a program to address the issue.

$24.2 million award in brain injury suit

The ramifications of medical errors can be tremendous, and surgical errors are particularly likely to have severe effects such as brain injury or paralysis. A patient may need long-term care after a surgical mistake -- sometimes for the rest of the patient's life. When Arizona residents are injured because of a surgical error, it may be necessary to sue for the funds to pay for the patient's ongoing medical care.

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