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Jury awards victim's family $2.88 million for med-mal case

When we see our loved ones in pain, our first instinct is to help them in any way possible. But when that pain is the direct result of medical negligence, that desire to help is often intensified, even if it means taking up their case in the unfortunate event that they die.

Doctor discourages woman from getting test after alleged rape

If you were experiencing extreme dizziness, would you let a doctor not order a head scan? If your skin turned a sickly shade of yellow, would you allow a physician to talk you out of getting blood work done? If your wrist was swollen and in pain, would you be okay with your doctor not taking an X-ray? While these questions may seem silly to some of our Arizona readers, a story out of another state in the post below will highlight why the above questions could lead to possible issues and even litigation.

Are changes coming to Arizona medical malpractice procedures?

Anyone who goes to the doctor's office has an expectation of being properly treated. When proper treatment doesn't occur, patients can sometimes opt to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the practitioner. Each state has its own medical malpractice laws, but a House bill in Arizona seeks to alter that for some practitioners by creating a safe harbor from medical malpractice litigation.

Arizona access to emergency care receives a failing grade

When you make the decision to go to the emergency room, you probably have an injury or illness that is serious enough to warrant a quick response from medical professionals. For people living in Arizona, the choice to seek emergency care through an emergency room doesn't necessarily mean that your ailment will be properly treated or diagnosed.

Former college players file lawsuit against NCAA

College football players and supporters in Arizona and across the nation are watching as three former college football players are alleging the NCAA didn't properly educate them about the dangers of playing football in regard to concussions and brain injuries. They filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Tennessee against the national sports organization on Sept. 4.

Proposed Arizona bill would restrict medical malpractice lawsuits

Readers in Tucson may be interested to hear of a bill recently proposed by Representative Bob Thorpe to the Arizona state legislature. The bill, titled HB 2465, calls for medical malpractice lawsuits to be filed only by lawyers who have been certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona as official medical malpractice attorneys. The proposal does not define what certification might entail, however.

Limits placed on doctor-lawyer talks in malpractice cases

Proper medical treatment can extend the life of a patient significantly. Many conditions that were untreatable in the past are now fully treatable because of constant advances in medical care. When the treatment goes wrong, however, due to the failure to diagnose an illness, for example, patients may face worsening conditions or miss out on treatment options entirely. When this occurs, the patient may sue for medical malpractice. In an effort to protect the patient's medical privacy during a malpractice suit, one state has limited doctor-lawyer talks, a limitation that the people of Arizona may be interested in hearing about.

Arizona man wins judgment in medical malpractice case

When you or a loved one goes to the hospital for treatment, you rightfully expect the best care possible. When you get something less and tragedy follows, it's hard to accept. Nothing can right the wrongs done by a negligent healthcare provider, but there are options under the law that could make you eligible for compensation.

Amputee wins $9 million in malpractice suit

One type of medical malpractice that a negligent physician can commit is the failure to diagnose a medical condition. This may result in a worsened condition for the patient, which can have tragic consequences.

Man misdiagnosed with HIV settles doctor negligence lawsuit

On occasion, a doctor may misdiagnose a disease or condition. In some cases, the misdiagnosis can include a serious element of failure to diagnose, such as a failure to diagnose cancer. This blog has previously discussed the issue of failure to diagnose. But a recent settlement ended a protracted battle in court just days before the evidence was to be presented in trial over an alleged misdiagnosis that involved a potentially life-threatening disease that the patient did not have.

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